San Diego, CA

San Diego Symphony Orchestra

Our BIM expertise helped solve complex plumbing challenges for a new outdoor music venue.

Aerial view of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra overlooking the water

Value Delivered

University Mechanical and Engineering Contractors (UMEC- CA) delivered plumbing solutions for a new performance space, installing fixtures that reduced costs and energy consumption and provided high-quality, comfortable restrooms designed to support continuous usage.

Client Objectives

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra Association needed plumbing solutions for their new performance venue.  Since the project would require construction of complex plumbing systems, UMEC-CA was hired for our building information modeling (BIM) expertise.


For this project we:

  • Used BIM to preplan and model plumbing features, including systems that ran under terraced seating and through the center stage
  • Delivered cost- and energy-efficient plumbing solutions 
  • Installed: 
    • Eight gas-fed tankless water heaters
    • 70 self-sustaining water closets
    • 24 lavatories
    • 18 urinals in five different buildings

Client Background

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra is the oldest orchestra in the state of California.