Temecula, CA

Pechanga Resort Casino

Our design-assist expertise helped us deliver HVAC and plumbing solutions for a resort expansion project.

Aerial view of the design for the Pechange Resort

Value Delivered

We provided design-assist services, along with complete HVAC and plumbing systems, to a large expansion project for the Pechanga Resort Casino.

Client Objectives

The Pechanga Resort Casino was experiencing very high demand for more guest accommodations at their facilities. This expansion was intended to double the size of the resort We were chosen for this project due to our expertise in design-assist, HVAC, and plumbing services.


For this project, we provided design-assist services for planning and designing HVAC and plumbing solutions for a 568-room resort expansion. We installed HVAC and plumbing systems for the new construction of two hotel towers, including one basement level and 13 floors above grade.

Client Background

Pechanga is the largest resort and casino on the West Coast and one of the largest in the country, with 200,000 square feet of gaming space.