UMEC History_2_350px.jpgUniversity Mechanical and Engineering Contractors (UMEC-CA), a subsidiary of EMCOR Group, is one of the largest mechanical contractors in Southern California, operating for decades as a union shop.

UMEC-CA offers leading BIM capabilities, innovative design/build services, commercial HVAC services, and complex mechanical system installations.

We are a service-oriented, cost effective, and schedule driven construction organization that recognizes that strict adherence to milestones and completion requirements are the basis of successful construction projects.

We’ve conducted business with the philosophy that developing client relationships is the key to repeat business and success.

UMEC History_3_275x220px.jpg

This photo, taken in 1954, is of Dick Huntington (left), Lee Huntington, and Lloyd Anderson, President of the company.

UMEC History_1_275x220px.jpg

Servicemen stand in front of the new expansion, built behind the 3433 University Ave. location in 1956.