San Diego, CA

USD Camino Founders Deferred Maintenance Project

We provided HVAC solutions throughout 150,000 square feet of space within two historic buildings on a university campus.

Rooftop HVAC equipment installed at USD

Value Delivered

For the University of San Diego’s (USD) historic Camino and Founders buildings, University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors , Inc. (UMEC–CA) updated old HVAC systems to modern standards.

Our solutions provided heating for bathroom, lounge, and dorm areas serving approximately 400 students and air conditioning for their chapel, a theater, and approximately 75 classroom and office spaces.

We were able to provide all the required renovations while maintaining the buildings’ interior and exterior architectural finishes. 

Client Objectives

USD needed design-assist and HVAC solutions across 150,000 square feet of space within two historic campus buildings.


UMEC-CA provided design-assist services for dorms, offices, and classrooms on two floors. Additionally, because there was originally only one air handling unit between both buildings, we added eight new units. 

We were also able to fit ductwork above the existing ceilings and in shafts that were not originally sized to accommodate HVAC. Our solutions throughout the basement, first, and second floors included: 

  • Eight air handling units
  • Four water heaters
  • 39 supply/exhaust/return fans
  • 11 split units
  • Two boilers
  • Four computer room air conditioning units
  • 130 radiant heaters in dorms
  • 50,000 feet of pipe
  • 190,000 pounds of new ductwork

Client Background

The University of San Diego is a private Catholic research university serving approximately 9,000 students.