San Diego, CA

Solar Turbines, Inc.

For a global manufacturer, we replaced an inefficient cooling tower system with a higher-capacity tower and pumps.

Vertical turbine and distribution pumps installed at the Solar Turbine facility in San Diego

Value Delivered

University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors, Inc. (UMEC–CA) provided and installed a new cooling tower, feed pumps, piping, motor control center, and controllers for an industrial manufacturer. 

Our solution provided the client greater capacity on the same footprint.

Client Objectives

The client needed to replace an inefficient cooling tower for process cooling as well as pumps, piping, and cooling water system controls.


UMEC–CA demolished outdated coolers and installed new:

  • Cooling tower
  • 4,750-gallons-per-minute cooling water vertical turbine pumps
  • 3,165-gallons-per-minute cooling water distribution pumps
  • Pump control valves and panels
  • Filter skid

Client Background

A subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., Solar Turbines, Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines. UMEC-CA has a long-standing relationship with Solar Turbines, Inc., based on our high-quality results that meet their stringent requirements.